Corey Bechelli

One of Corey Bechelli's newest projects is a comic series called "Instance Switch," a cosmo-kabbalic interpretation of his familial relationship with his wife and son, illustrated via non-verbal power glyphs.

Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis has been drawing comics about his character Samantha Ann Peartree for over seven years, but Samantha's been five years old this whole time! Take a trip inside her wild mind when you read "Samantha Comics!" Andrew plays accordion and makes 8-bit electronic music when he's not drawing comics pretending to be someone else.

Vince Dorse

Vince Dorse is an illustrator, cartoonist, and creator of Untold Tales of Bigfoot (an NCS Reuben & IPPY Award winner) about a lost dog and a lonesome Bigfoot. He lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA.

Claire Folkman

Claire Folkman is an artist living and working in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia, PA. She creates out of Mercer Street Studios where she makes comics, collages, costumes and anything else she puts her mind to. She is co-editor, publisher and contributor to the award winning ‘Dirty Diamonds: an all-girl comic anthology’, which has been archived in the US Library of Congress.


Dawn Griffin

Dawn Griffin, of Havertown PA, is a designer/illustrator/cartoonist specializing in kids and young adult material. With 10 years of independent and small-publishing experience, she has honed her style to a perfect balance of “cute, funny & quirky”. Her creator-owned properties, both boasting 4 books each, are the sci-fi/humor comic “Zorphbert & Fred”, and the self-esteem kids book series “Abby’s Adventures” published under Eifrig Publishing. She has also contributed to multiple anthologies such as “Team Cul de Sac” from Andrews McMeel Publishing, and “RISE: Comics Against Bullying” from Northwest Press. Dawn is also a co-founder of Webcomic Alliance, a 5 year-running web resource & popular podcast for comic creators. “Creative Workhorse” may be an understatement.

Dre 200.png

Dre Grigoropol

Dre is a local artist, cartoonist and teacher. She works on a many different projects such as planning the Philly Zine Fest and has a web comic at


Robert Humble

Robert Humble makes his home in Delaware County outside of Philadelphia, where he has achieved local notoriety with his non-fiction newspaper strip depicting the area’s rich historical panorama. For over two decades Bob was both writer and illustrator of the popular weekly feature. Bob’s watercolors, oils, gouaches and drawings appear in private collection around Philadelphia. His passion is storytelling, through which he often weaves his love of history.


Asher Humm

Asher is a graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Sequential Art. That's comics kids! Has been self publishing comics with friends since 2008. Work as the artist for a web comic for a year and contributed to 3 anthologies by Scrypt Comics. He is now working hard on his own graphic novel Lethophobhia, which is a collection of short stories.


Amy Ignatow

Amy Ignatow is the author of The Popularity Papers series and the ODDS trilogy. The newest ODDS book, AGAINST THE ODDS, came out in September 2017. Amy lives in Philadelphia with her family and a truly irritating cat.

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Cory Kram

Cory Kram is a performance and book artist based in Philadelphia, PA. All of her handmade collage-art zines are unique displays of color and composition. Her juxtapositions of food products, doodles, cartoon characters, and non-sequitur captions will dazzle you, confuse you, and leave you mesmerized.


"Ink Puddle" Pat McCuen

A seller of antique and rare books by day, "Ink Puddle" Pat McCuen creates comics by night. He is currently developing an all-ages graphic novel titled SHAKESPEARE JUNG, the story of young time traveler whose mission is protect the future from catastrophes that have happened (or will happen) in the past.


McNulty, Philip.jpg

Philip McNulty

It started at the age of 3, while illustrating Spider-Man on the back of an uncolored page from a coloring book. Since then, Philip McNulty has been bringing his 90's comics influenced style into such outlets like William Shatner's Man O War, Kevin Smith's SModCo. Cartoon show, and Marvel's X-Men and Cable & Deadpool. Quite Simply, Philip McNulty is an animator, illustrator, and comic book geek.

Steve Peters & Bianca Alu-Marr

Steve Peters has been self-publishing under his imprint, Awakening Comics, for 20 years. Of the several series he's worked on, Awakening Comics, Chemistry, and The Comicverse, have won industry awards. His current project, The Comicverse, is a collaboration with writer Bianca Alu-Marr and is a sci-fi comedy about a comic book shop in outer space.

Matt Phelan

Matt Phelan is the illustrator of many books for young readers, including Druthers, Marilyn’s Monster by Michelle Knudsen, and The Higher Power of Lucky by Susan Patron, winner of the 2007 Newbery Medal. He is the author/illustrator of the graphic novels The Storm in the Barn, Around the World, and Bluffton. Matt has been nominated for five Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards, including best writer/artist and best new graphic album for Bluffton. His most recent graphic novel is the New York Times Bestseller Snow White. Matt lives in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

Kelly Phillips

Kelly Phillips is a cartoonist living in West Philly, and the creator of the comic series "Weird Me" about her teenage years as the moderately successful webmaster of a "Weird Al" Yankovic fan site. She is also the co-editor and publisher of the award-winning all-girl comic anthology Dirty Diamonds. She is currently creating a lot of cat comics, and is collecting diary comics as a cheap form of therapy.


Dave Proch

Dave Proch is a cartoonist and illustrator from Philadelphia and is a member of the Locust Moon Comics collective.

Dave’s comics have been published in: Once Upon a Time Machine (2012), Top Shelf the World (2012), Quarter Moon #2: Locust Man vs. Monster (2013), Quarter Moon #4: Waters (2014), Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream (2014), Mango Lizard Magazine ( coming soon!!!!! )

Screen Shot 2019-04-23 at 12.52.41 PM.png

Mike Sgier

Mike Sgier (pronounced 'SKEER') is a printmaker and cartoonist currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a member of BYO Print, a Philadelphia print co-op, exhibits with the Phantom Hand collective, and appears in books published by Locust Moon Press. His current body of work is split between personal comics, stories and artwork set within a fantasy world, and explorations within printmaking that chronicle various elements of pop culture and fandom.

Andrea Tsurumi

Andrea Tsurumi ("sue-roo-me") is an author, illustrator and cartoonist originally from NY who now lives and draws in Philadelphia. The creator of ACCIDENT!, CRAB CAKE, and numerous comics, she’s also illustrated children’s books, news articles, and book covers. She recieved a BA in English from Harvard and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts (where she teaches a monthlong residency class). When she's not inventing croissant-based animals, she likes reading about ordinary and ridiculous history.


Crispin Wood

Crispin Wood has been drawing for ages. He started an all ages comic called Small Blue Yonder ( in 2013. Wow, that’s five years ago! People seem to like it. Go ahead, have a look!

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Children's Book World

A staple of Haverford, Children's Book World has supported the HKCFest from its beginning. They'll be at the Fest to make sure our author's books are in stock. In addition, they be bringing a horde of graphic novels for your browsing pleasure. 

Haverford Township Free Library

Haverford Township Free Library was the original host of the HKCFest, and they continue to be a huge part of its success. Most of the preparation and volunteering is taken on by HTFL Staff. If you see any familiar faces from the library on the day of the Fest, make sure to thank them for all of their amazing support!