When is the Haverford Kid's Comic Festival?

It's Saturday, May 18th. The festival will run from 10am - 3pm. 

Where is it?

The festival is just west of Philadelphia in Havertown. 

Haverford Middle School: 1701 Darby Rd, Havertown, PA 19083


Is there a table fee?

For creators? No. 

We do like to ask that creators submit something we can add to our raffle table. A print, a copy of a book, anything you'd like. All proceeds from the raffle simply go to supporting next years festival. 

But I don't draw stuff for kids?

We don't care. If you think spending time talking about kids and comics is a pleasant way to use your time, we want you there. Now, if taking you away from your work with little prospect of making money at our festival is a problem, then please make the right decision for you. 

If your concern is that your comics are on the cusp of appropriateness (the con focuses on an age range of ~5-17) it's suggested that you simply label your material appropriately. If you have Teen material, make that clear with signs, or address a potential customer directly. 

What should I expect?

To be delighted! It's a day about celebrating comics and encouraging kids. You might want to rethink your table display. Perhaps leaving space to draw or interact with kids, but it's up to you! We'll provide lunch, usually in the form of pizza and sandwiches. If you'd like general information about the Festival, you're welcome to look through our general FAQ page. 

How Can I Apply?

By clicking here!

I Still Have Questions

No problem! Please feel free to contact Sheli at haykidscon@gmail.com

Thank you for considering our festival!