There are many activities to enchant you throughout the day at Comic Fest! Feel free to click the links below or look over the Workshops we’re offering.

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The workshops at HKCF are a chance for attendees to work one-on-one with creators. The morning sessions are geared for an All Ages crowd and the afternoon sessions are aimed for an older (Tween/Teen) audience. Below you’ll find the description of each. Pick the activities that appeal to you, and we’ll see you at the Fest!

A Daring Drawing Duel

10:15am - 11am • All Ages

Join in on this fun series of drawing challenges as creators are asked to respond to silly prompts. Who can draw fastest? Silliest? Wrong-handiest? All of the duels will be face-offs between our talented artists and attendees are asked to join in on the chaos! We’ll see which artist can best withstand the the Drawing Duel and come out on top!

The Search for the Great Snozgatoroo

11:15am - 12pm • All Ages

There’s a new animal discovered and our creators want to tell you all about it! But…maybe they’ve forgotten some important details. Where does it live? What does it look like? What does it eat? Work together with a creator leading you and your team to draw and figure out some important answers in the Search for the Great Snozgatoroo!

It Was a Dark and Stormy HKCF

12:15pm - 1pm • Tween & Teen

In our first workshop built for older students, we want to examine the difference between how artists (both our student artists and professionals) approach an art assignment. As a group, we’ll share the same story prompts and see what’s created. The prompts will be a little wild, but the learning will be valuable for any growing creator.

Creator Meet and Greet

1:15pm - 2pm • Tween & Teen

Here’s a workshop built for any artist who wants serious answers to creative questions. We’ll break into smaller groups and travel from one artist to another and they can answer any question on your mind. After a few minutes with one creator, that’s when you’ll switch to a new artist. With each artist there will be new demonstrations, new answers, and hopefully the tips and encouragement that will help you make decisions about your own artistic path.

The gem of the festival - the show floor! This is where all of the creators tables will be. Every creator there is excited to talk to you about their art, books that they've written, and what you love about comics. This is your chance to learn and talk with some of the most amazing talents in the comic industry!

If you'd like to support the Fest and win a little something for yourself, why not try your luck at our raffle? With prizes submitted by our artists and local businesses, there's something for everyone! Easily found on the Show Floor, submit your ticket and see what you might win!

Craving a little something while you're here? No fear, there will be treats to hold you over. There will be pretzels, and candy galore! 

Created by our Festival artists, there's plenty of designs to pick from! Feel free to select your favorites and print them out!