Our festival is defined by its focus on kids.

You know what’s the most spectacular part about that drive? It’s such a natural fit, the endless imagination of comics and unbridled enthusiasm of kids. It’s not difficult to create a panel from the ground up thinking, “Well, I’m not sure how crazy I can get before I lose the audience...”. With kids - the sky, space, and alternate dimensions are the just the beginning of the limit.

For those reading, there’s probably no need to espouse the virtues of comics. Comics can stimulate wondrous thinking or trick students into learning with things such as retelling of historical feats, or ludicrous vocabulary spread throughout the page. With countless genres exhibited in the form of sequential art, we don’t need to cater to a particular reader. We can invite everyone through our door.

What is probably most significant about bringing kids and creators together in such an intimate setting, is the normalization of the art form. To be able to introduce the craft of comics to kids at such a young age is giving them the power to dispel negativity. Who creates comics? How do they do it? These aren’t questions pondered silently while the world is telling them to put away their dreams. They are questions shared and illuminated by the very people responsible for their favorite works.

HKCF will never be more proud than of the adults that volunteer their time to spend with kids. The festival brings together people with the same focus, to share a love of comics with a younger generation.

If you are a creator or a community member that feels this is the right environment for you or your family, you are more than welcome to join us May 19th. We’ll be working our hardest to deliver another successful festival.

I hope you'll join us,


Sheli Hay

Festival Director, Haverford Kids' Comic Festival

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