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Above you can review our event schedule. If you'd like your own copy to print out, feel free to click this [ link ] . Below you will find general descriptions of what to expect as well as coloring pages for any young artists you may know. 

The gem of the festival - the show floor! This is where all of the creators tables will be. Every creator there is excited to talk to you about their art, books that they've written, and what you love about comics. This is your chance to learn and talk with some of the most amazing talents in the comic industry!




Panels are all about creators presenting to an audience. That's not to say there won't be audience participation, it all depends on the presentation! Typically audience members will be there to learn something new. A panel is typically composed of three or more creators.






Workshops are hands on. Participants will be standing and actively doing work the entire time. Professionals are there to guide you through the activity, and will lend their expertise to you as needed. Participants are there because they want to try something new, or practice budding skills with a professional.

We'll feature submitted artwork on the day of the HKCFest. There will be prizes awarded to the winning art work, judged by the creators themselves! Closer to the Fest, we'll release an entry form with the prompt and contest rules. For further inquires, contact us

Best of luck, artists!

If you'd like to support the Fest and win a little something for yourself, why not try your luck at our raffle? With prizes submitted by our artists and local businesses, there's something for everyone! Easily found on the Show Floor, submit your ticket and see what you might win!

Craving a little something while you're here? No fear, there will be treats to hold you over. There will be pretzels, and candy galore! 

Even if you don't want to enter the Art Contest, that's no reason to be left out of the creative fun. Created by our Festival artists, there's plenty of designs to pick from! Feel free to select your favorites and print them out!